Get GetVanced financial wellness benefit at your work

GetVanced is offered as a voluntary benefit by employers, which means employees can enroll and use our services only if it is offered as a benefit by your employer.

There is no cost to employers for offering GetVanced as a benefit to their employees. However, they need to understand what we offer, enable the one time simple setup process for our turnkey solution, and agree to offer GetVanced at your company. We provide all the resources to enroll, educate, and support the users.


In addition to the value we provide to employees, businesses also benefit from GetVanced in terms of improved employee recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Share the GetVanced story with your friends and co-workers.

Voice your interest in using GetVanced service at your work, inform your company's human resource and employee benefits about GetVanced.

We can talk to your company about introducing GetVanced at your work. Use this form to contact us.


Email template to send to benefits program and human resource department at your work.

Hello ___,


Recently I heard of a new voluntary employee benefit called, GetVanced. The company provides financial wellness services that would be very valuable to me and I am sure to many if not all other employees as well.

Here is the link to GetVanced:

Please let me know when our company will offer this much needed benefit to our employees.


With sincere regards,


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GetVanced at your work.