Our Commitment

Empowering lower-income workers with tools to avoid exploitative interest and fees.

From our inception, we’ve made a commitment to reduce the systemic burden placed on millions of lower - income workers who are exploited unfairly by predatory lending practices and are excluded or disadvantaged by a banking system geared for higher income earners.


Through our holistic financial wellness platform and timely access to earned wages, a fair and safe solution for working people living paycheque to paycheque, we are giving users the tools to reach financial resilience and wellness.


What we have discovered is that we are not alone in our mission. Every business that offers GetVanced to their staff, goes a long way in addressing the social and economic injustices in our society.

Pay is consumed quickly by day-to-day living

Low probability of accessing expensive credit

High probability of accessing expensive credit

40% of salary remaining

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

We think there are no silver bullets, so we take a holistic approach

Four features, one platform. Designed to help people turn their paycheque into progress. We integrate with attendance, payroll, and banking systems so we can understand and impact the complete picture of financial health.

On-demand pay

Fixing cashflow problems shouldn’t be expensive, so we enable instant access to earned wages.

Instant Budgeting

Budgeting shouldn’t be a burden, so we’re building the technology to do the math automatically.

Confident Spending

Spending shouldn’t be stressful, so we'll show you how much is okay to spend.

Automatic saving

Saving should be easy, so we automatically save money when people earn it.


Better financial wellness benefits for everyone. If your company wants to see an increase in productivity, motivation and retention, we’d love to hear from you.